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Prototype & Short Run Castings

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Specialized Castings, LTD is a leading provider of quality custom prototype & short-run castings. Prototype castings can be produced fast to meet project deadlines sometimes in as few as 7 days with typical lead times of 1 to 2 weeks. We use a combination of the following different prototype methods that best suit your project:
  • Rubber Plaster Molds (RPM)
  • Greensand method
  • No-bake or Air-Set
  • SLA (Stereo Lithography)

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Prototype & Short Run Casting Description · Prototype & Short Run Castings Capabilities

Prototype & Short Run Casting Description
Prototype castings generally begin with an SLA pattern but wood and plastic patterns are also used in certain applications. The SLA patterns are the most common with a fabrication speed of about 2 or 3 days. The SLA prototype volumes are usually low, ranging from 1 to 25 pieces, but higher volumes are not uncommon.

Prototype castings are produced via Rubber Plaster Molds (RPM) for superior finish and simulated die casting with thin sections. The greensand method is used for castings with thicker sections and when a high finish is not required. The no-bake, or air-set, sand process is used for larger castings with thicker sections and intricate core work with a typical finish in between the RPM and greensand processes.

Prototype weights vary depending on the process but range from ounces to 1200 lbs. Prototype quantities also vary from one to several hundred pieces. The prototyping services add value to your business by allowing you to perform pre-production product testing, evaluate potential markets, and display visual aids in sales presentations or trade show exhibits.

Prototype & Short Run Castings Capabilities

Maximum Mold Weight

Plaster Process: 2,000 lbs
Sand Process: 15,000 lbs

Flask Size

12" x 12"
96" x 144"

Design Tolerances

+/- 0.010

Draft Angles

0.5 to 2 degrees

Pouring Capabilities

Plaster: 50 lbs
Sand: 1200 lbs


(3) Furnaces
(2) Drying ovens
(2) Molding stations

Secondary Services

Pattern making
CNC machining
Certified inspection
Heat treating and coatings
X-ray misc. testing

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